Shutdown on scan completion

Hey Melih,
I love comodo and have used it for the last few years to protect multiple machines and never had an issue.
There is just one thing I would really like you to consider adding to the suite.
the simple “Shutdown when scan completes” checkbox in the scan window would be great.
Now I know that when a scan finishes you click “results” and review the detected malware, but would it not be possible to allow users to review them on the next system start if the “Shutdown when scan completes” checkbox is checked. A simple automatic popup displaying the results and removal options on next bootup. these two things would make this Anti-Virus/Internet Security contain everything anyone could ever need.
Thanks Melih, I do hope you read this and Thank You for your efforts in Internet Security.

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Alternatively, a “Shutdown if no inections found” button could also work.

Yea, as you say this would could also work, but the option to shutdown in general would be good.
Hopefully Melih reads these comments. although i find it hard to believe no one has asked for this option before, Thanks Ryan

How about automatically cleaning the found threats and taking a backup/quarantine as soon as they are found.

Then shutdown at the end of the scan…

the user can review the results from the scan log and then if there are any False Positives, he can restore from quarantine any time.

Great idea but I’m not seeing any replies from Melih or an of the very active comodo forum members. i also cannot find these posts and had to go through profile to find my recent posts, only to find they don’t exist any more. Maybe just a glitch.

Melih and comodo employees dont usually reply to wishlist post

Yeah, but we see at least Mods would generally something. But, from two days, even mods are calm.

Cheer Up. ;D It’s Christmas time. May be everyone is in Vacation mood. :a0