shutdown comodo via command line

I want to write batch which disable network connection and shutdown comodo, unfortunately I can’t find command to shutdown comodo via command line.
I tried taskkill but I get access denied.

If anyone know how to do it, please help.


If that could easily be done then any hacker or any malware could do the same. If somebody told you how to do it then you could shutoff and hack anybody’s computer running Comodo. Then purpose of Comodo with its HIPS protection is to keep you fully protected along with a good AV. If I could simple shut down a program using a command line then I would not want that program on my pc. If you want you can disable the auto start in Comodo then set the services to disable also. When you reboot Comdo will not be running. Why do you need to shut it down anyways?

I use modem for my connection, so when I’m not connected I don’t need active firewall. Also it’s troublesome to disable connection and shutdown comodo every time, so I wanted to make it easier through batch.

90% of us use a modem. I have a 2Wire Gateway DSL modem with a built hardware firewall but I always leave Comodo running. Even when I game. It use next to nearly no memory.

Thanks for your comment, but actually I would like to know if there is a way to shutdown comodo via command line, not why I should keep it running.

Like I said I don’t think anyone will tell you this if there is a way. Then you could go around shutting off anyones Comodo. Sorry not being rude but I have never seen a post about this or anyone talking about it.

Hey johnnyq,

If you installed CFP with the default values, it will protect itself from shutdown.

Please note, what you and I see as CFP is actually just a GUI. There is also a chunk of stuff that is loaded at the kernel level, before we even see the desktop.

To shut it down through a script (or similar), the script would need to alter the option to protect itself first, and then shut down the GUI. Even if you shut down the GUI, the kernel level stuff will still be running.

As has been said before, there is no simple way to shut it down via an external script or application. If there were, the integrity of CFP could be too easily compromised and, therefore, the integrity of your system.

Given that CFP is remarkably light on resource usage, why do you need to shut it down when you are not connected to the 'net?

Ewen :slight_smile:

If you want to know why I don’t like keep running cfp so badly, I tell you ;-). I don’t like cfp asking me if I for example allow to save file in notepad. I don’t need this kind of protection when I’m offline. And I know I can switch security level and all but it’s annoying doing it few times a day.And don’t get me wrong cfp is great piece of software, but …

If I need higher protection I use Linux. For ease, fun and games I use Windows.

PS. panic thanks for your comment, I’ll look into this.

Thank you Panic.

Thats ofdd. I just saved a file to notepad and didn’t get asked. Are you sure Notepad is in your trusted items under D+. How long have you been using Comodo? Its takes about a week to learn all your apps. I have about 225 programs to learn and they are learned. The only time I get a D+ pop up is when I am installing something or patching something.

It was example. But generally I have “Remember my answer” unchecked if I’m not 100% sure that this application is safe like notepad which I believe is :-).

Well 99% of whats installed on your pc is safe unless you have a virus or malware.

LOL. I’ll bet you’re saving it to a protected directory - like “Desktop”. :wink: change the protection settings and you won’t get asked.

Had another thought - you could create a second configuration tailored for offline usage (no folder protection, no whatever else you don’t want etc.). You could then simply switch between the normal onlilne config and your newly created and slimmed down offline config.

Ewen :slight_smile: