Shut down function after scan complete

I was thinking of how cool it would be to have a Windows Shutdown or Hibernate function added as an option after a virus scan was completed on a system. I like to do my scans at midnight but I really have no reason to leave my computer on after the scan has been completed. It would be nice and economically/environmentally friendly for my computer to shut off after it’s nightly scan. I have seen this optional feature in AVG free v. 8 when prompting to do a manual scan.

Thoughts and input desired.

Yes! Yes! Yes! :slight_smile: And… “Surpress alerts untill reboot” That way if malware is detected during the scan then you will get the results window next boot :slight_smile:

Adding Turning off pc after manual scan be of great benifit for people like me, i have 160 gb hard disk so it takes hours to scan it. so if u add that turn off pc after scan then it will save my electricity also 8)as i mostly do manual scanning at night time and then go to sleep
Thanks i hope this feature will be there soon… keeping fingers crossed :a0