Show threats while scanning

I have quite a few harddisks and when I’m doing a scheduled scan on them, it will show “Threats found:” with a number but not tell me, what those threats are. Faced with this, I can currently only a.) stop the scan and restart it later or b.) hope those threats are not that bad while I wait for the scan to finish.

As such, I would wish that CIS showed the threats in the scanning window (maybe after clicking a button), so that one can decide whether they have to stop the scan to handle them immediately. Better yet of course would be the option to handle them while the scanning continues in the background!


PS: Sorry if this is a duplicate request, I could not find one like it.

Yes I agree it would be nice to see rather than having go wait until the full scan is finised!

+1 :-TU

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This request has already been posted in the forum with many variations and improvements, not under a separate topic, but in CIS 6 feature request and CIS 5 usability requests etc.

An option in the Antivirus settings to

  1. show details during scan
  2. automatically take action (clean/quarantine)
  3. shutdown after scan completion.

so that the user can just schedule a scan and relax.

It happens to me every time with my huge HDD (2.5 TB with lots of stuff) that whenever a full scan starts, it shows some threats are found say 5 or 6, in the first quarter of scan. Now, we can not see what they are, we simply have to wait till the end to see the results.

I could never manage to complete a full scan though, until now. Some thing stupid, unwanted happens during the full 10 hrs time it takes to complete, and the scan simply vanishes, without even a log. So, every time I end up without knowing what those 5 or 6 threats are. This is really annoying and frustrating.

Please add these options to increase the usability of the product.


Please add these options to increase the usability of the product.

+100 :-TU

Good Idea :-TU


also allow us to take action on detections like quarantine, add to trusted files, etc while the scan continues and show the file path and make it clickable so you can jump to where the file is located and also right click on the file path to view the files properties

You sort of can, though it’s pretty clunky.

  • Double click on the Comodo icon in the system tray.
  • In the Summary tab in the Antivirus section you’ll see x threats detected so far.
  • The number x is that opens a log of the threats found.

But I agree it should be simpler and there should be options to manage threats direct from the scan window,