Show the balloon messages switched off, but still appearing (3.5.57173.439 x64)

I have Show the balloon messages switched off in Settings → General tab, but I still get balloon messsages about antivirus database updates. It gets some full-screen games minimized which can be quite annoying.

I run Vista SP1 x64, admin account, UAC disabled.

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Right click icon and see if it is enabled there?
Also, Run Diagnostics(Misc > Diagnostics)… Anything came up


Thank you for the quick response.

Display Balloon messages is disabled in tray icon context menu, only Show Tray Animation is enabled.

Diagnostics didn’t find any problems with the installation.

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Currently I can’t find any solution to this issue in the Forums,
but I’ll try to solve this one.

Have you tried uninstalling and running Comodo Registry Cleaner Then Install CIS Once more

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No I haven’t tried this yet. If it can fixed by registry key clean or update I’d rather try doing that manually, instead of resorting to re-installing the whole application.

I’ve found another post about similar issue in Antivirus help forum: and here:

It appears that some people can’t get rid of these balloons and others never seen them.

The antivirus signature updates ballons are separate to all others do not think you can stop them.

Maybe one of the Staff can advise if they can be stopped.

I have the same problem with various XP SP2 and SP3 systems, all 32-bit. I originally reported this bug in the betas, but it was never fixed. I’ve seen the same behavior in every version up to 3.5.57173.439.

The only way I know to stop the messages is to have Windows hide the CIS icon using “Taskbar and Start Menu Properties” → “Hide inactive icons” → “Customize”, setting the Comodo icon to “always hide”. I don’t like this solution because I prefer to have the icon showing, but at least I do know that CIS is running because if it isn’t, the Windows Security Center will start to complain.

I can understand that these AV definition update messages are a separate category from other balloon messages, but as long as there’s only a single option called “show balloon messages” that’s either checked or not checked, the AV definition update messages should respect that setting!

‘‘Display balloon messages’’ option affects only D+ and firewall learning balloons. It does not disable real-time AV detection baloons and AV database messages. These messages can not be disabled.

Since it’s listed under miscellaneous general settings, not under D+, this is either a bug or a GUI error.

This is not about the AV detection messages – there’s already an option to disable those, under the real-time scanning config tab. But the “updating the database”, and “the database has been updated” messages are in fact balloon messages, and so if I uncheck “display balloon messages” they should go away.

In the mean time, I just set WinXP to always hide the tray icon. Sad not to see the nice white shield, but imo having pop up messages that tell me “things are working” is more annoying. I like to presume that things are working, and only have the system bug when something actually needs my intervention – if the AV definitions have repeatedly failed to update, if the scanner engine can’t start, etc.

As other users have pointed out, we un-check “show balloon messages” because we don’t want to see them. This should be an easy fix!

So, was anyone at Comodo informed about this bug? More then half a year passed and nothing seems to change. Some days ago those pop-ups start showing up every few hours, not once a day as before, and they annoy much more. >:(
Do I need to find another security software?

A new version 3.10 is going to come out in the next cuple weeks, that will fix this bug and some other issues!

3.5 is an OLD version. Current release is: 3.9.95478.509

Please try the new version.


For now you can just use this tweak to disable all balloon tips in Windows XP if they annoy you so much.