"Show new replies" is showing old replies...

I just logged in and started checking for new replies to my posts by clicking that link.

Instead of new posts, it is showing me ones that I read yesterday. I have not ever had this occur before.

Here are two of the posts it listed:



Tnx for looking into this,



I use that link as well…but it works ok for me.

Any other mods seeing the same issue?


Also to note, it was apparently ONLY those two threads. I checked the rest that showed, and they were all new posts.


No. At least not so far.

Update: I just noticed what LM observed. This is a fact as I was actually splitting and re-merging a post in this thread. Before I clicked ‘Show new replies to your posts’ and it didn’t indicate this thread as an old one because I already accessed it. Just now it does. Very strange ???

That one I can answer for you; you were caught in the cross-fire.

As per Melih’s post, I split out the series of Q & A regarding ABA and then moved to a new location. Although the most recent reply (ie, Melih’s) had already been read by you, you read it when it was in the Feedback thread. Once it was in its new location, that made it a new thread, and thus, a new unread reply. I’ve seen that one before.


But at the time, the contents of the last posts on that thread were still on the old thread, when it was still in the CFP Feedback board.

Or not…must’ve been in the midst of all that as you state

Ok, this is really starting to get strange because I had a double-deja vu here. This time, I’m almost positive there were no mods (other than Garry) who was in the same thread https://forums.comodo.com/help/how_do_i_add_comodo_firewall_to_startup_menu-t13080.0.html

I just posted something in there and when I clicked Show unread posts since last visit, I saw it as an “unread” thread with my post being the last one. Then I clicked Show new replies to your posts and history repeats.

Did I state double? I meant triple…It’s still showing as unread once more.


Really strange…I saw exactly the same thing.

I kept clicking ‘mark as read’…but it didn’t disappear.

Welcome to the twilight zone.