Show identification on scheduled scan

I have a three or four malware scanners on my PC. Most of them are non-resident; that is, they run only once a week when the Windows task scheduler calls them up.

Sometimes one pops up right when I’m doing important work. While I ponder whether to let it continue in the background, it would be helpful to know which scanner it is. The CIS scanner has no identifiable marking on it. (Oh, please, don’t call that utterly meaningless little icon in the top left corner an identifer!)

That window should clearly say something like “Comodo Internet Security is protecting your computer.”

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I dunno, you paint this as a usability issue, but it’s really not. Is it really so hard to figure out? I’d like to see what these other scanners look like that you get confused so easily.

As far as UI consistency, the title is problematic, but no less vague than the one you suggest trading it out for. CIS protects your computer in many ways, and although it’s obvious that it’s scanning for malware, “[…] is protected your computer,” is just as bad a title for a window doing something much more specific.

No, it’s not hard to figure out. I can start Process Explorer, see what new programs are running, perhaps kill some if I can’t tell right off the bat.
But that’s just plain dumb. Can you name ANY other software which runs on the screen without identifying itself?

You ask for an example: Here’s a screenshot of A-Squared Antimalware. No trouble knowing what it is.

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You’re being hyperbolic and you know it.

Why are you still trying to convince me that the title should be changed? I already agreed the title was problematic.

Your opening statement is what triggered my response. The tone of it was, “What’s all the fuss about? This is a non-issue.”

I contend that it is an issue. Since you are in essential agreement with me (the precise wording of the title doesn’t matter), will you follow up on this in your usability report?

I felt like you were exaggerating the issue, but yeah… it was petty of me to harp on it. Sorry.

I’ve recommended it in the usability study board, and when I get to designing this particular window in my personal overhaul thread, I’ll make sure to give the window a proper title.