Show Firewall icon, not Launch Pad

I’ve just started to use Comodo and I find it disconcerting the status of the firewall is not clearly shown in the system tray. I don’t care to see the Launch Pad icon, I want to see a firewall icon that changes colour with its status block all/custom/allow all.

What I would suggest is to have options of lauch pad and firewall icons in the system tray (so you can have both if you wish).

The right-click menu from the launch pad would be as it is now.

The right-click menu for the firewall icon would have the security levels in the first menu level, particularly Block All for emergency closure of the firewall. The launch pad would be an option in that menu for those that don’t care to have the launch pad icon in the system tray.

For users of the antivirus etc, similar options of separate icon with status indication by colour.


This has been suggested and acknowledged. :slight_smile:

A dynamic tray-icon will be added in future releases and probably the possibility to get rid of the LaunchPad without changing Startup/MSConfig options.

Hi Starman,

Your request of an animated tray icon is already in the wishlist of CPF and CAVS. The future versions will probably give you a lot more option to customize the type of tray icon you wish to see.

Yours truly,