Show download size when prompting to start program update

When CIS finds a new program update, it prompts for you to start the download - this is good! But I request that it tells you the size of the download.

Not everyone is on uncapped broadband. In South Africa we have high bandwidth costs and low caps; around the world there are still people on dialup; and (more and more) people on 3G mobile with low caps and who don’t want to hang around waiting for a download before suspending their notebook.

I’d say this is useful. :-TU

Don’t Completely Need It… but It is ok to have… just don’t spend more then two weeks creating it :slight_smile:

Every AV that I used show me the size of the update, why not COMODO? To me this is a very important feature, since I’m on a dial up network and each megabyte really counts!