Show Connections

Can Comodo display notifications when an application connects to the internet? I’ve seen another firewall product that shows the application name, host name, and port when connections are made. It would be nice if Comodo offered this too.

Hello waitstaff,

Try this;
CIS > more > prefrences > Show Balloon Messages

Is this what you were looking for?


OK, by the way my suggestion…

What about to show a flagg of connectet country in the connect list ?
Same as by Online Armor ?
In my opinion it can bee helpfull.

Or a plugin that enable this function ?

In Online Armor i like this fiuture to see the endpoint of connectet by flagg,

In my Wordpress Blog it is a simple thing…

Please make a mind of this idea and fiuture about this.

and… pardone my bad ugly english.


Not exactly. Turning that on only shows messages when Comodo is learning. Outpost calls what I want Reporting. In the settings for an application I can check “Report this activity” and everytime the application makes a connection a little window pops up showing the connection info. Very nice feature.

Pu the firewall to Custom Policy Mode and remove all rules already made for programs under Network Security Policy → Application Rules. Also set Alert Settings to high.

Isn’t this going to require me to click OK or Cancel for every connection attempt? I want to see the connection info as non-blocking messages for applications that I’ve Allowed. That is, I want to see when and where the applications I’ve allowed are making connections to. I’m not looking to redefine all my rules again.

The only thing I’ve ever seen in the balloon messages are advertisements.

That is comodo Message Center; :slight_smile: