"Show Comodo Antivirus" does not work

I can’t get the main program screen to open.
I’ve tried disabling and reenabling right-click options on the icon, but it doesn’t seem to make any difference.
I’ve tried shutting down Comodo & restarting, but still no difference.
Also uninstalled & reinstalled, same problem.

Same problem here. Except for me, I don’t even have an icon in my system tray. Any solutions?

Same problem here! Please respond!

Please, when you ask on eventual problems, list always the O.S. and all about others programs installed and in function besides CAVS.


Having the exact same problem. Comodo GUI doesn’t show when left clicking tray icon. And doesn’t manually scan files from explorer context menu. Using Windows XP SP2. Other startup programs: Threatfire, PC tools firewall, Flashmute, majicJack usb phone service, riva tuner. Using Comodo 2.0 beta. This problem just started yesterday. When first installed about a week ago it was working fine, with same startup programs.