Should you disable BOClean when doing Defrag?

I wonder if it is necessary to disable BOClean and/or Comodo Firewall when doing a defrag on an XP Home machine.

The other day when doing a defrag and having all the systems (Firewall, BOClean, and Avast) running I had an error box pop up saying something like ‘Firewall may be down’.
(Sorry didn’t take too much notice at the time and forgot to write the error no. down).

Pretty sure I have done a defrag with Comodo Firewall running before with no problems, so wonder if it’s a BOClean anomaly.
I wonder if it’s because BOClean checks every 10 secs and Defrag thinks something has changed (like in the old Windows98 and Me days).

Any info or similar problems reported before?

Thanks in advance,



I don’t know with the built-in Windows Defrag, but I have used AusLogic’s Disk Defrag “live” so to speak - with everything running (just no open applications) and it completed without any problems whatsoever.

Not much help, perhaps, but I thought I’d let you know…


Nothing here on defrag issues with CBO on 2K, XP and '03.
With '98 I always pull the plug on everything out of habit. 88)

With '98 I just pull the plug, LOL. That way it works better… ;D

I prefer booting into safe mode to defrag. That way there’s less processes running shortening the defrag time a little. :wink:

Thanks all, and good idea Wheelie, will do that in future.

Takes about an hour here with 30Gb+ to defrag.

Ouch. Takes me about 30 minutes on a 60Gig, and that’s not even in SafeMode (good point, btw, Wheelie4).


Yep, I am doing the same. And like LM I use AusLogic’s Disk Defrag too :slight_smile:

LM, do you also use Auslogics Registry Defrag btw ??? I want to try it, but I am always very carefull with registery tools :wink:

Greetz, Red.

Nope. For that I have used PageDefrag by SysInternals. I’ve also used RegCompact.NET (since I have to have .NET anyway for some other stuff).


Ok, thnx :slight_smile: I will look at them first :slight_smile:

Greetz, Red.

Also I’ve used Auslogics for quick defragging and JKDefrag w/JKDefrag GUI for thorough defrag and optimization. And the next release of JKDefrag GUI will include Pagedefrag.

Using SpeeDefrag, I kind of disable everything when I defrag. The program reboots the system and starts up only itself with Windows. No Explorer, nothing. Probably the system processes are running though, as HIPS alerts when the defrag is done and the program wants to shut down the system. I suppose BOCore.exe and cmdagent.exe (but I unplug the network cable to be sure!) runs too.


Hi Wheelie, just did a defrag in Safe Mode this morning and it just took 15 minutes instead of the normal hour!

Thanks again,


Glade you found the tip helpful. :SMLR

Best way to defrag is in safe mode. Nothing is running in the backround and goes alot quicker. Been using this method every since windows 98 came out.

i think y’all should say which version of windows you are using… i have heard that vista’s defrag is a bitch, taking v-e-r-y long to run… with win xp, it takes me only a few seconds to run defrag…

i don’t think that you have to close everything when running defrag, but i have gotten into the habit of doing that… i close everything except for my firewall, and i disable my av’s realtime scanning…

Cant say that I can help, but I have had many computers and have never had a problem with BOClean running, I currently use Diskeeper 11 Pro, it defragments on the fly, while you use your computer. I never turn anything off and don’t boot to safemode.

XP Home SP2 here. Defragmenting is fast, but I guess that’s because it makes a “rough” job. Perhaps Vista’s defrag is slower because it makes a more careful job?


How does AusLogic’s Disk Defrag compare to windows defrag.

I have a scheduled defrag tomorrow at 9AM. It’ll be the first defrag since I installed BOClean. If I get an error I’ll let you know. :wink: