Should Waterfox be included on the Comodo widget?

I love Waterfox because I’m on a 64-bit Windows 7 machine and Waterfox is geared for 64-bit machines. So, I think Waterfox should be included on the Comodo widget for running in the sandbox. In the meantime, anyone who wants to run Waterfox in the sandbox has to use CIS’s Run Virtual option under Sandbox Tasks to create a desktop shortcut for Virtual Waterfox.

I agree that the Browsers section of the widget is too limiited, I always have it hidden because all it shows is the browser I don’t use (IE) with no option to add the browsers I do use - Ice Dragon portable is my main one but I use a couple of others too.

I posted in the wishlist a couple of days ago for an option for us to manually add our own browsers to the widget. Googling the topic brings up a fair bit of discussion of the subject too, so I’m surprised it hasn’t been implemented already.

For instance when using the sandbox dialog to create say “Virtual Waterfox”, I don’t think it would be so complicated to include an option to add a shortcut to the widget as well as the desktop.