should these ports be open on windows 7

I ran nmap on my pc to see what ports are open on my laptop and nmap said I have these ports open

Open ports found by nmap
80 HTTP?
135, msrpc
139, netbios-ssn
443, skype2
445, netbios-ssn
these last 3 for some reason says its HTTP Microsoft HTTPAPI httpd 2.0 (SSDP/UPnP)

Could it be Microsoft Visual C++ that had these ports open ?

I wanted to know should these ports be open ??
Also how to close some of these ports ?
It seems I can only find these ports on open when I am scanning from the inside of my network.

Are you scannning from another computer inside your network? Can you show a screenshot of your Global Rules? You may have defined your local network as trusted.