Should the default options in CIS installer be changed?

How do you, the users of CIS feel about this? Should the checkboxes be unticked by default, or should they remain as they are now?
It would be nice if this poll were allowed to run for a few days at least, so please keep flames and unnecessary comments out. Thanks :slight_smile:


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I voted yes, but I think that this all too worn out. COMODO knows the desire of most users, and every new post about this subject is more stress on both sides. Someone wants to discuss the definition of adware, to others this discussion is irrelevant.

Surely, I prefer use a shareware CIS, yes, I’d like pay for it, than see it bundled with this ■■■■ toolbar!

There remains to Melih do what is best for him and for the interests of COMODO users.

I voted yes and if posible removed.

I vote yes because things should only be opt-in and never opt-out.

I voted yes. CIS is a security program, and should not be bundled by default with something many people consider spyware/adware.

Indeed :slight_smile: (unless of course it’s really necessary for the program to work)

i voted yes. one more thing i would like to say, in the current installation option defence plus is not optional. so i think the installation option should be COMODO FIREWALL, DEFENCE PLUS, ANTIVIRUS. each component should be optional. wot u guyz say???


has anyone thought that comodo might be under contract by ask and cannot remove it? They might have gotten a substantial monetary gain from ask to include the toolbar and it might have been negotiated that the boxes have to be checked but that also you can uncheck them.

I voted yes because this issue is getting Comodo a bad reputation. Any dubious tactics in security software can be seen as suspicious - if there’s a toolbar, what else is there? As for tampering with a browser…!

There’s a thread over on Avast from a chap who installed CIS but then removed it as the toolbar was installed; judging by his English he might not have realised what the options meant and there’ll be many like that.

A good reputation needs a lot of hard work to win and one misjudgment to lose. If Comodo has a contract that doesn’t allow changing of option for a third-party add-on, that was poor judgment. A security company should answer to no-one but itself and its users.

Save the world from toolbar installation !!!

Why is comodo the first place they start.

To me it should be the last place to start because it is provaiding CIS for FREE !! >:(

I don’t care with this.
The user must read a little text in installing progress.
Not just click Next, OK, Agree, Yes until finished.

Yes of course. But of course nobody will listen.
BTW is a nice update on Softpedia about Ask toolbar. Even CIS AV tag it as a malware. 88)

Strange they removed CIS because they received a cease an desist letter from Comodo and now tag it as a spyware. :-TD

Safesurf Toolbar has been bundled along with CIS for an year.

Considering how long CIS was available for download on softpedia, I hope I’ll find their spyware criteria page somewhere to possibly understand if such criteria pertains also more dangerous bundles than a simple toolbar. :frowning:

IMHO the installer it is fine as it is since those who care, can prevent the installation of the toolbar.

Curious where the “spyware” tag (as opposed to the “Adware” tag) came from. Didn’t notice that before. Was it always there?

As I said in the other topic, Softpedia seems to have declared war on Comodo. I don’t really understand. ???

I don’t like the toolbar either, but perhaps people aren’t considering that the revenue Comodo gets from Ask wouldn’t be half the same (if any) if this changed. I don’t know, I’m just supposing since I know nothing about the deal or similar ones.

Surely some people wouldn’t mind paying for CIS in exchange of not even seeing this. I don’t think they’re a lot, considering that there’s no problem in opting not to install the toolbar. But CIS is free because that’s Comodo’s strategy, they want to provide the best security and to do it for free. They aren’t going to change that strategy any time soon.

Within it they thought this would be an acceptable way to make some badly needed revenue. It turns out it annoys some people, predictably. Anyway there may be much more people who don’t care about unchecking the option (or even install the toolbar) and most aren’t posting here.

I voted yes, get rid of it or change it. The reasons have been hashed enough times so I won’t repeat them here.

has anyone thought that comodo might be under contract by ask and cannot remove it? They might have gotten a substantial monetary gain from ask to include the toolbar and it might have been negotiated that the boxes have to be checked but that also you can uncheck them.

Then this should be made clear to everyone so at least users know and would know if future plans are to remove it. Unlike some other software which have no option of paid for software or other means and need a toolbar, Comodo sells other products and depends on certificates which is what used to supply the FREE software if I recall correctly. However, I don’t know the ins and outs of how the income is without the toolbar and won’t pretend to but we must all make a choice, do we sell our soul or don’t we? If so, there’s always a price to pay.

Why is comodo the first place they start.

It’s not. This has been started on others long before and these software had a most straight forward, unchecked box, either you did or didn’t install and they still got hammered.

All I can say for sure is, I have only used comodo firewall + others, for a long time and hate to see this happen either way.

The following reputable security applications all detect components of the ASK toolbar (files or registry entries), and label them variously as a potentially unwanted program, adware, ADSPY, Suspicious file, Ad-spyware, Signed-AdWare, etc:

  • A-Squared Anti-Malware
  • AntiVir
  • DrWeb
  • Fortinet
  • Ikarus
  • MBAM
  • Outpost Pro
  • Panda
  • VBA32
  • Webwasher Gateway

And if you download ASK directly from the vendor, even Comodo’s CAV detects it as Unclassified Malware@8305287

So it was a no-brainer for me to answer “yes” to this poll. Shame on Comodo for even offering (much less installing by default) this unnecessary and dubious toolbar with a security product.

Do they detect the Yahoo and Google toolbar as well? Or are those the fine very wanted toolbars?

Here you can read about comodo detecting ask

Its an FP… And was fixed pretty quickly.

I have yet to vote in this thread =)

Heuristic may often cause such “detections” in order to catch more questionable components than toolbars (expecially accounting for some claimed label hintings at spyware, malware or suspicios files)

Indeed toolbars may be mis-detected by reputable software vendors and often these FP are fixed very fast.

Don’t care