Should SYSTEM RESTORE be disabled before installing CTM on 64 bit Windows?

Hi, Ive had a few problems installing my favorite software on Win 7 and Vista 64 bit’. I think CTM is supposed to REPLACE System Restore - Rollback Rx is a high quality paid version that is similar to CTM and they say System Restore should be TURNED OFF PROR TO INSTALL and remain off always! Besides CTM is much FASTER and better than System Restore.

COMODO TECH please reply.
Maybe if there were better detailed instruction on PRE INSTALL there would be less frustraded customers. I also use COMODO FIREWall and Cleanup and I am REALLY missing my CTM ;D

You can disable System Restore if you’re using CTM, before installation if you want.
It’s better to defragment the disk before installing CTM too.