Should System be allowed?

Just a quick question really (hoping im posting in the right place).

I got an alert that system was either trying to access the internet or recieve a connection from another computer. Sorry but i cant really be more specific than this as it happened a while ago. Anyways, the first time it happened I was starting an online game for the first time since updating comodo and just figured it was to do with that. Thing is though it happened a few more times while browsing the internet. I blocked those ones going along the rule of you should block anything your not sure about. After looking at the event log however i noticed that system had been blocked roughly 19 times in an hour.

Normally id be glad that its doing its job, but then i got thinking wondering whether it was a legit thing. Kind of like the whole svchost.exe thing.

Was hoping someone could give me advice on whether it should remain blocked or not. If it should any ideas what it is and if i should unblock it why and how? Uh oh another newb!!! ;D

This said however ive just had the internet connected for about an hour again now and havent had a single case of system being blocked. Didnt know whether this would change things or not…

hmmm…the problem hasnt disappeared. Was kinda hoping someone might at least give a suggestion, say hi or even acknowledge me. All I wanted to know was whether system should be trying to connect to the internet. I mean does it on your computer? Not a hard question really…

Hi Athelos and welcome!

Actually you issue can be very simple, or very complex to answer. Assuming you’re using V2.4 of firewall, a lot has been asked and argued on this forum concerning both system and svchost, first, let me give you some hints:
First, try using the advanced search feature of the forum – works well, you can select were to search.

  • the “rule of you should block anything your not sure about” is very sound, stick to it.
  • System and svchost are used for a lot of things: win updates, dhcp client and dns client services, and many more like ping and tracert. So, are you using any of those? Me, for example, I don’t.

second hint: try posting your logs – export them to html and then to txt, remove your IP address from them in case it’s public, and post them here.
Usually you need to provide more info, to receive an answer, but always is better to ask, when unsure.
Regards, Gabi