should svhost be set to outgoing only?

shud the svhost process set to be outgoing only…and no its not a infected version its the original oparating system when it is i get alot of blocks from my isp…
also the same for system should i set that to outgoin only also???


svchost.exe - Outgoing only, block and log any non-matching requests.


I Set My System & svchost as outgoing but i edit my “Out Going” with out logging.

(See Picture)

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ok thanku…same for system aswel then???


(Your Welcome)

  • Jacob

How do you set that rule in your photo. When I went to do it I have to change to treat as “Custom” in order to set the rule but then when I apply I get the rule change but the treat as remains at the Custom setting. If I click on a predefined policy and change this to outgoing only the treat as changes to outgoing only but the bottom rule in the left side changes to “Block and log all unmatching requests”. How can I get it read the same as in your photo?.