Should new computers come with Comodo Internet Security?

When you buy a new computer, it comes with Norton Internet Security. I don’t like Norton Internet Security because you have to keep paying every year to renew your license. The same holds true for McAfee. So, do you think new computers should come with Comodo Internet Security?

Personally, I think new computers should come with Comodo Internet Security because it is free and provides the functionality of a paid Internet security program. There is no paying every year and no license to renew. Comodo beats Avast because the latter has this silly policy of registering every year, albeit for free, to renew the software license. This is why I am in favor of new computers coming with CIS.

It’s a good idea! It will really expand Comodo’s Brand. But it all depends on $$ & other obligations, And the decision comes down to Melih (CEO). Remembering CIS is Free.


I quite agree. Will we see it? Probably not (at least right now). These trial offers are part of a deal between these AV providers and the computer makers. Comodo can not (at least I do not think they can) provide a bribe of sorts to the computer makers. I think it is up to us to inform the world about Comodo.
I just converted another to Comodo. She paid no attention to her computer’s security. She paid to have her computer “cleaned.” I offered to look at it. It was still filthy. Now it is clean. Now she is wiser and more aware, and she is the latest Comodo-ite.
Keep up the good fight Comodo.


If computer manufacturers cared about their customer, they allow a choice. Most customers might go for CIS since it’s free and they wouldn’t need to pay for it each year.

I think it would be a good idea… Maybe for people who own a computer shop and sell generic computers,
It’s hard though on the wider face of computer sales

Yes, and here’s why:
Computers prebuilt, as stated above come with software pre-installed.
A lot of that software is shareware with a limited time usefulness or limited functionality. To give new owners peace of mind and not have to worry about the ‘new’ software quitting on them due to end of time limits, freeware should be installed. This is where Comodo would shine.

I agree in part, and disagree in part.

I agree, because, I believe that, if a new computer already comes with protection software install, then make it be a great product and a free one!

I disagree, because, personally, I’m of the opinion that computers should come 100% clean. Clean of O.S, clean of anything. People should be able to say: I want you guys to install this and that on my system.

The problem with a clean install of Windows, would be that a complete beginner would be alerted to the need for antivirus and could well end up with antivirus 2009 or other malware.

I have no doubt that the computer makers get good rake-offs from Symantec and McAfee and there is no way that Comodo should have to pay these people to provide free protection.

My friend owns a computer shop. he makes clones of course. I will tell him to install a copy of CIS on every PC he deliver.

Is this OK with COMODO inc??

As long as he doesn’t charge it should be fine, Comodo is free for Home and commercial use.

Indeed grayhair is right (you ain’t got those gray hair for nothing :wink: ) in that afaik PC manufacturers financially benefit from putting paid for security products in as they get commision/kick back of some sort.

Its upto our users to get the word out and demand a PC that comes with CIS!! A secure computer and malware free internet experience the user will have is much more important than the few dollars they will make from that user! Please call your PC manufacturers and ask them to put CIS with every new PC.

thank you