Should msiexec.exe be allowed to connect out?

We all know msiexec.exe is the Windows Installer (except probably Ganda), but when is it really necessary for this to connect back to M$ HQ?

I ask because by default CFP includes it as part of the Windows Installer group, and I’ve set it this predefined group to allow outgoing connections.

Sometimes installers need to access the internet for updating purposes, or to let firewalls allow their internet access, or to simply test if there is an active internet access.

In my opinion, no. I think it is safe to do so. I do all the time.

I always block it. If it’s used when using a respectively program’s updater; better update the program manually instead! It’s sad enough that svchost requires internet access. :frowning: Don’t give away the little privacy (or maybe pride?!) you have left: block msiexec! And, as it continues running in Task Manager after being launched (and you don’t need it anymore), kill it.


Honestly, give it access to prevent un forseen installation problems.