should logging stop when you logoff and leave the pc at the login screen?

Is it correct that the logging stops when you logoff en leave the pc running with the logon screen on.
I have win xp sp3 with Comodo firewall 5.3.176757.1236

I only see actual log entries during the time I’m logged in. Of course I’m even more interested in the log entries when i’m logged out. Am i overlooking a setting?

Hello ‘lastdown’

CIS will protect your computer from the time you see the Windows Logo to the time when you power your PC off :slight_smile:

On Log On screen, It still monitors and protects your computer,

It does this because CIS loads right after the OS loads…

Hope this helps


It’s good that i’m protected, but I would also like that the logging continues when i’m not logged on. So when i log back on and i investigate my logs I can see the activity that occured.

I assume it is the program “C:\Program Files\COMODO\COMODO Internet Security\cfp.exe” that has to be started first in order to get the logging working.
Would it help to create a service for that program so it keeps on logging even if i’m logged of?

When you log off; all your programs are closed, so there is nothing to log.

This is very true. But i happen to run an apache webserver which runs as a service. And services keep on running when you logoff. This is the reason why I am interested in the logs, even when I am not logged on.