Should I worry?

I keep getting this on win 8 64 bits, not on win 7. Should I worry? What’s this IP and port??? ???

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Are you using the browser policy for Chrome? That won’t allow Multicast.

However I don’t know for what purpose Chrome would send a multicast. :-\

I’m using a browser policy (in aplication settings in CIS, web browser!) for all my browsers but I use mainly Chrome. I saw this alert again today. It only appears on Win 8 64 bits and my Google Chrome is exactly the same as my Win 7 SP1 64 bits computer through my Google account. Happy it is blocked, still, I’d like to understand why?.. :o

As an Opera I am not intimately familiar with Chrome and its functionality. Does this multicast happen when you are visiting a specific site? Can you think of an extension that you’re using that has server functionality?

I think so!.. I have a lot of extensions on Chrome, about privacy, adblock etc… plus being “chrome”, the browser is set to send informations anonymously to Google for quality improvement! Finally, may be there is nothing to worry about… :azn:


The latter is ironic, right? :wink: :smiley: