should i use it?

Hello my friends! I just got the news “version 3 got released”. So, i have some questions for you experts.

1 - I have a router smc ( not wireless ), i know i’m well protected with it, does it plays good with comodo 3? do you advise me to download/install?

2 - I heard rumours about the firewall being very annoying ( version 3 ). like, lots of popups just to connect the msn and such… is it true?

3 - Will this version make my internet connection slow? i usually download files with a Bittorrent program, so i don’t want this to drop my speed.

That’s all! sorry if i’m being too boring, and thanks a lot in advance :slight_smile:


  1. If you have a router, you are not protected against outbound attacks. This is why you still need a software firewall. CFP will automatically detect your network, and shouldn’t give any problems with your router.

  2. I have had no popups with MSN. If you set CFP to clean pc mode (if you’re confident your pc is clean) you will hardly get any alerts.

  3. All firewalls will slow down the internet to some extent, but with CFP 3 I haven’t seen any noticeable difference.


Ok Mike! thanks a lot for your fast reply, i shall give it a go! :slight_smile: bye

You’re welcome. Don’t forget to let us know how you get on. :slight_smile:


At first impressions … NO you shouldn’t

the bad points - for me

where is my list of trusted applications ?
why does “treat as web browser” mean “never let this application access the net and keep spamming me with access requests”. . .and “remember my answer to this question” doesn’t seem to work either :frowning:
why must i add “all applications” as trusted before firefox will connect to the net??
why is there a separate policy rule created for every one of those aforementioned “remember me” button clicks.
i close the firewall using the taskbar and then nothing has internet access
why is there nothing in the process or event list - ever?
apparently “the Defense+ is not functioning properly” despite restarting 4 times to activate it

and the few good points -

the new active connections dialog as a tree is nice
listing the access rules below each application is good


I found version 3 to be a bit buggy for me…especially with Avast 4.7 Home Edition.

I’ve also found it quite buggy, I may just go back to old version.

Well, i installed it… and without changing any setting:

  • When i first started Mirc, it gave me 2 popups
  • Msn gave me about 3 or 4
  • Firefox gave me about 7 or 8

I set to always allow, anyway i guess the rumours were right, this is a bit annoying :frowning:

Edit: I just got disconnected from mirc and msn, at the same time. with no aparent reason. I guess i’m going to uninstall ;(