Should I use Comodo

I am about to receive a mini-net-notebook (1GB/160GB/WinXPsp3) and I wonder if I should install the Comodo Firewall (CFP_Setup_3.0.25.378_XP_Vista_x32.exe).
I am quite computer illeterate and wonder if the Comodo Firewall wiould be too difficult for me to install and operate, etc. (Someone said I should install an older version of ZA and that would be ‘good enough.’)
Someone else told me that Comodo has good firewall, but, as I said, I’m thinking that it might be too difficult for me to use (and it might be too ‘powerful’ for a net-notebook).

Would anyone be able to help me?

Thank you.

(I hope I have posted this message on the correct forum.)

In Comodo forums … you will just get one reply … yes, this is the best. So do I recommend using CIS for best protection.

The version mentioned by you is an earlier one… You can consider downloading CIS 3.8.

(This is a whole internet suite including AV and if you don’t want to use AV (which is optional), you can disable it at the time of installation).

It is user friendly too… The only thing is … After installation you will have to keep Defense+ in training mode for 1 day or so (to get less pop ups) just to train CIS what is running in your computer.

And yes, don’t worry of any problems… there are lots of persons here who are more than willing to help.

Thank you.
I saw the Comodo Firewall CFP_Setup_3.0.25.378_XP_Vista_x32.exe at FileHippo and thought that was the latest version. You said there is a newer free version of the Comodo Firewall Protection available. Where might I obtan that one (not Beta)?
I would just want the Comodo Personal Firewall (FREE version).
Is that one easy to use?
I am using WinXPsp3!

Thank you

Download the COMODO Internet Security installer (the link in layman’s post) and when running it, it gives you the choice to choose to install just the firewall. :slight_smile:

Thank you.

#1- Couldn’t I just download and install the Comodo Firewall CFP_Setup_3.0.25.378_XP_Vista_x32.exe (19MB)?

#2- (CIS has: System Requirements: XP (SP2) / Vista 32 bit 64 MB RAM 70 MB hard disk space) I have Sp3.

Hi alicez,

#1 - is rather outdated.
#2 - those are Minimum requirements.


Yes, for some reason, COMODO has not gotten it updated on Filehippo.

in other word, you can use CIS on XP sp3. :slight_smile:

Thank you all.
So, the best thing for me to do in order to get the FREE latest version of the Comodo Personal Firewall is to download the “CIS_Setup_3.8.64739.471_XP_Vista_x32.exe” and then execute it and when it asks what I want to install, I will choose the Firewall.
#1- Is that correct?
#2- And it will work with WinXP SP3. Is that correct?
#3- The Comodo Personal Firewall (CIS_Setup_3.8.64739.471_XP_Vista_x32.exe) is a FREE version, isn’t it?
Thanks again from a beginner.

#4- Oh, by the way, is there a “write-up” somewhere that would tell me what I might expect when installing? Some pop-up questions that I might not know how to answer?

1 = yes
2 = yes
3 = yes

You are welcome.

4 = I can’t seem to find a guide for the latest version. But it is very straight forward to install.
Read the screens and choose firewall only.
The following was optional extra stuff and i’m not sure if in new installer or not.
You can choose no to install Safe Surf, Ask Toolbar or change default search.All on the same pop up.
After install read the firewall section of Help manual and come back and ask questions as needed.


Thank you very much.
I am still a bit frightened about installing Comodo Personal Firewall, because of reading some posts as the following:
“I have used in the past, and it is a bit more complicated to use and maintain. May teach you more about TCP/IP and firewall maintenance than you want to know.”
As I said, I am a beginner at all of this (very much) and would not like to install something that I couldn’t understand.
By the way, what is the"Defense +"? Is that part of the Firewall that installs automatically?


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You can always ask for help here at the forums.
D+ is the HIPS portion of CIS. What a firewall (like CFP) does is monitor what goes in and out of your PC. D+ (HIPS) basically monitors all system process access inside your PC. It can protect critical registry keys, files, etc. too.

CIS takes like 5-7 MB of memory in my task manager, and so I think it is a great all in one security suite for slower PC’s.
But honestly, if you are careful with what you surf on, keep the XP firewall enabled, run a good free av like Avira or Avast with a good behavior blocker like Threatfire, and keep IE updates and with the proper security settings (or just use Firefox or Opera properly updated), then you will be 99.9% free of infection. Most of the security issues are hyped up.

Even further, if you run a fully patched windows system with the firewall on, and blocking all incoming connections, and surf prudently, I will bet you will not get infected! (90-95% bet - since a javascript bug/vulnerability can potentially ■■■■■ a legitimate site).

Example, the people most aware of security really don’t need all these safeguards while the people who need it the most are the ones who click on everything, get a virus, and their OS be ■■■■■■! because they didn’t take some time to learn!

What about protection from the ever increasing buffer overflow? I guess that’s the .1% chance of getting infected? :stuck_out_tongue:

the list is endless…

(I thought I posted this, but guess I didn’t because I do not see it listed.)
Thanks everyone.
FaZio93.= You mentioned: "D+ is the HIPS portion of CIS. What a firewall (like CFP) does is monitor what goes in and out of your PC. D+ (HIPS) basically monitors all system process access inside your PC. It can protect critical registry keys, files, etc. too. "
Does this “D+” install when the Comodo Firewall is installed? If YES, do I have to do anything if it asks a question? I don’t know about technical terms, etc. (such as HIPS).
Thank you

Yes, you will get a pop-up alert just like a firewall alert, only it will say “Defense+” instead of “Firewall” in the alert. It will warn you when an unknown program tries to access something (e.g another file, registry, memory, etc.) If malware tries to run, it needs to access these things to do harm which D+ intercepts and warns you about. When you first install, you’ll get some pop-ups, but set it to “Training Mode” and use all your everyday applications. When in this mode, D+ will learn what you’re doing and make ‘allow rules’ for it. Then later on, you can set it to Safe Mode which will only give you alerts for programs that are not in the COMODO white list. :slight_smile:

in my opinion comodo is the best FW u can find for xp or vista, and what’s incredible is to get a so good product for free.
the new version 3.8 build 471 is easier to use, Defense+ needs less intervention from the user so it can be used by more people and u got the help file that will answer lot of question and of course the comodo forum where u’ll find a lot of nice people to help users.

Pfipps - you mentioned that file Comodo Firewall is 5-7 MB. I see the download is about 35 MB. Is that because it includes the AV, etc.?
When I execute it, and I choose just the Firewall, will only the Firewall install on my computer? Or will all the other stuff (AV, etc.) also install?
I am now leaning to do the install of the Comodo Firewall, and to know I have you fine folks to help me with a problem is a great help. I just don’t want to ‘■■■■■-up’ things by installing something that might harm the netbook and then be unable to give it to my grandson for his birthday.
I’m sure I’ll be back.

Yes it is a full security suite, not just firewall.
you have already chosen another AV etc. going from your OP?

Bad Frogger, you said = “Yes it is a full security suite, not just firewall.”

Therefore, the entire 35 MB will not load onto my computer? Only the Firewall (5-7 MB) will load/install?

“you have already chosen another AV etc. going from your OP?”
I, and my grandson, are quite familiar with AVG8 and thought that would be the best to use.

Have to have supper now. Bye for now.