Should I upgrade from IE6 to IE7?

I presently run XP Home and Internet Explorer 6. I am running CPF, NOD32, SpySweeper, and Spyware Blaster. Everything seems to be running smoothly.

  1. Should I update to IE7? (it’s free)

  2. If I should upgrade to IE7, what steps do I need to take to ensure a smooth install? For example, should I download the product, then turn off CPF? Spysweeper? NOD32? Then turn on all security apps after installation?

  3. Will CPF have any conflicts with IE7? Will CPF need to make a bunch more rules for IE7?

Just wondering if I should upgrade and what to expect if I do.

I run NOD32, SpySweeper 5.0, Comodo PF, HostMan on automatic and manually execute AdAware and SpyBot S&D.

I am running IE7 without any problems. It seems to have some new features that are beneficial (read Microsoft propaganda for details). I still like Firefox best but it sometimes will not work on some secure sites like IE7 does.

Well if you want to try it but don’t want to mess up your pc, I suggest to install first “Altiris SVS”. With this great program you can have installed both IE6 and IE7. :wink:

You can find more information at the utilities under the topic of free usefull programs.

Normally, upgrading IE shouldn’t screw up your system. But, sometimes strange thing might happen.

Anyway, I’ve upgraded my IE6 to IE7 + CPF. So far so good. No problems.


I’ve updated to IE7 even though I primarily use Firefox. There were no issues at all. If you are using IE6 I think you will like the update. If you find you like the new IE7 you may enjoy the added benefits that Maxthon (IE Shell) or Firefox have to offer.



I have upgraded to IE7 and personaly even though I prefered the GUI in IE6 more, it is worth the upgrade. Even if you use Firefox, there are some sites that are only compatible with IE and when going on those sites you most likely want the latest version of IE for the best protection.

Not wishing to start a browser war :slight_smile: but I’ve yet to encounter a site that cannot be accessed through firefox. If a site does use MS specific programming :’( generally a extension (perhaps I should call them add-on’s now) for Firefox can be found to circumvent the offending code.

Still each to his own. I have to wonder, however, why it takes MS almost 15Mb to upgrade their own browser when Firefox, Opera, Flock etc are all around one third the size. Is this bloatware :slight_smile:

I have a suggestion… Just install both IE & Firefox. Ha ha…

As everyone else said, go for it. It’s nicer than IE6. You’ll see in the instructions, it will tell you to shut down running apps like your anti spyware, disable your AV and cpf. As soon as its installed it will tell you to re-boot, and all your apps will re-activate too.