Should I up to v4?

I use D+ in parental control mode as an anti-executable. I allow everything on my PC and don’t want any other software(s) etc to run. v3.14 has never let me down (how can it, I never run un-trusted stuff). :stuck_out_tongue:

Don’t use AV… except for NOD32 Online scanner once in 2-3 months. Firewall I use, but its redundant for me. I trust my apps and don’t care if they home in, after all most of the stuff I use is freeware and everyone’s gotta eat.

So that said, will v4 offer me something extra in terms of usability in my context? And no, I will never use sandbox, I used sandboxie for 2 years before switching to this approach.

A pre-emptive thanks to whoever replies.

You’re welcome.

Me too.

Same question and me too. I do know there’s at least a security benefit:

thanks again. I am happy to know that others are using CIS like me…

A follow up question: I thought that bug only affected programs which are running in sandbox, so if i don’t use sandbox, then that rogue will affect me only if i let it run right? And with my setup i will not let it run…

sense I make is; 3.14 is ok for now… ???

No. If we carefully read Egemen’s second point, it means the rogue changes some of those protected registry keys, unless the rogue was sandboxed while it executed. In other words, CIS 3 does not have a sandbox, so there’s a vulnerability there for us and a reason to upgrade.

so that settles it… THANKS.

I think that as development takes place and more bugs/vulnerabilities are found they will affect older versions too. So its better to up.

Soya, if you can be so kind as to answer one more question. You’ve totally disable the sandbox right?

I put it in clean pc for couple of days and then switch to paranoid, proctive mode of course. And with a password.

Am i doing it correctly or is there a better way to do it?


You got me on that one, but that’s what I intend to do as well. I have yet to install v4, but I’ll definitely do it today after I update my Macrium version and image.

I checked out v4 (latest) in vbox…

:-[ there is nothing for us “parental control” people… I’ll stay with v3.14… oh well.

??? I’m using it right now. The GUI looks better in this version using the same skin and the buttons are bigger than my ■■■■. I successfully mimicked my settings over (although manually as usual because that’s my style). The biggest changes for the better are:

  1. Logging - it’s like a product from the collective ideas in the wishlist or something :-TU (too bad I never use it after the initial configuration ;D)
  2. The default option to not save Firewall and Defense+ rules for safe apps because this will help lessen registry bloat (I set Defense+ to CleanPC mode and then Parental Control as usual). This one is unique. I treat it as though any file on my PC is allowed to do almost anything, so I still re-created my firewall rules to help block things.
  3. GUI is quicker to load (but still contains minor bugs and has been shown in some of the youtube review videos)

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Yeh the Parental Control is still there. -More-settings-Parental control

  1. same. I hardly see the logs after 1-2 days, so nothing major for me.
  2. exactly - I had to check the boxes that said “create default rules for apps” as I like to control what firefox.exe/utorrent.exe can run and or do. v3 does it by default.
    3.granted. GUI is way quicker, no sluggishness and I was using vbox. I thought that the program was faster too. BUt i think v4 uses more memory, though I give a rats ■■■.

What I was saying was that nothing is compelling me to goto v4. these are mostly cosmetic changes for me and v3 does the job…why switch. Its like your old car is working fine and you’re happy with it, why buy a new one. :wink:

of course, if you like/use the sandbox then v4 is freakin aweome. the box is pretty smart design and its specially useful for x64 where policy control/restriction are the way to go.

I do the exact same as you do and honestly v3 was it. I would love to have had an anti-executable like faronics v2 for win 7. v3 from faronics is drastically different … sucks.

I could use applocker or srp but there is no password and no silent deny which sucks again.

Soya - THANK YOU so much for your interest in this topic. :slight_smile:

No problem :). It sometimes does use just a bit more RAM on my PC, but it’s also more self-managed.

We all know that as time progresses, there will always be new vulnerabilities discovered. But like Egemen once stated, the Defense+ is so configurable that you can basically protect everything on your PC (provided that you know what file and registry keys (paths) to add). I think the old expression that nothing can infect your system if it can’t execute still applies even if you decide to stick with v3 ;). The only concern is if a bug or malware is nasty enough to exploit the fundamental weaknesses of Defense+.

D+ is really awesome and you’re right about “can’t run = no damage”.

I will stick with v3.14 for the time being. Lets see how this goes. Maybe by v4.1 it’ll be time to leave v3.14.

Thanks Soya. :-TU