Should I Uninstall v2 First or Can I Update to v3? [Merged Threads]

Do I need to uninstall 2.4 and reinstall 3 or just download the update? (:NRD)

I would recommend you uninstall 2.4 and do a clean install.


I’m reformatting my hard drive which means a reinstallation of Windows XP and Comodo. Do i install Comodo Firewall Pro v2 first or can i directly install v3? Thanks. (S)

Just install v3. If you install v2 first, the v3 installer will just uninstall v2 anyway, and it won’t keep the rules either.

I’m confused, I have read through some of these threads & in one of them a person from Comodo mentioned that v2 should be removed before installing v3 (Different engine) Does the v3 update procedure do this ? it seems as if there is a problem in some cases that it is not doing this properly, resulting in a unstable v3 & when v3 is removed also prevens the re-install of v2.

Can Comodo please publish a manual uninstall & removal process so when/if the update goes wrong we can clean up our system manually & maybe re-install v2 cleanly.

I like Comodo & really want to continue using it but feel that I should wait for ver3.1 before updating

Back up your settings in V2.4, uninstall it then install V3. If you want to go back to V2.4 then it should be less hassle.

Hi all

I am on dial- up (I know stone age), just curious if i download version 3 .
Will I be able just to update what has changed or will i have to re download again.

Cheers :■■■■


Yeah, gotcha. Thanks

Hello pedropete

Just download the version 3 to your pc and then uninstall v-2 in safe mode. It is better to do it this way than to update. V-3 is completely different than v-2 so none of the settings can be used.

Good luck and hope you like v-3



I have 2 PC’s a desktop and a notebook. The other day on the desktop Comodo notified me of version 3 being available which I installed.

Im using version on the laptop and have have no notifications and even manual update says there are none available.

Any idea why this is? I’d rather update than uninstall/reinstall so I still have all my settings.


Been said many times before: Architecture is too different. Even Egemen (developer) states you must uninstall previous version before install version 3. That alone explains why the rules are incompatible.