Should i still allow these files firewall alerts

im getting these alerts from my firewall when installing the following software GESWALL also FINJAN LINK SCAN

taskeng.exe is a safe application signed by microsoft however the executable MCDcheck.exe could not be recognized please submit to comodo for analysis

GESWALL could not be recognized please submit to comodo for analysis

why is firewall alerting me on the applications if geswall is a legit programme why is it that comodo firewall does not recognize geswall?

please help and in all three cases there is no submit button but do i really have to submit these files

why is there no help in this forum?? i posted three questions all which have no reply makes you not want to use comodo anymore and just change to a alternative where are the helpfull people i would expect there to be some help when a user uses comodo for the first time and there is no help then how will anyone want to continue using comodo ??? any guides refence to understand comodo ??

I have never used Geswall, but looking it up (Google) it is an AV and firewall. It is unwise to run two software firewalls at the same time and two active AV at the same time.
Perhaps removing Geswall would be prudent?

this is not true john GeSWall is a required supplementary to your anti-virus so can be used i thought geswall was just a isolation and i have read in this forum that most use comodo with geswall please see the following link i did search the forum before posting

Go into Firewall/Advanced/Network Security Policy. If Geswall is in there, select it and edit it, making it a Safe application from the predefined policy. (OK/Apply to all screens as you exit back to the main menu)
Also do the same with Defense+ (Computer Security Policy).

You can also add the digital signature to the Trusted Vendor’s List.

Hi kamy,

a thread with 6 or 7 people is very far cry from most.

There are many people using just CIS alone for security.

CIS and VEngine to verify sites for banking and such.

Firefox with the NoScript and AdBlockPlus add-ons.

That’s it! That’s all I’m using.

You seem to be asking the same questions in several threads, all related to installing “other” security apps and it seems like you’ve been scared into thinking you need a group of software to be safe.

The reality is (especially if you are a fairly new to security person) that if you just install full CIS and learn to use it, customize it for your uses. You will be safe and you can learn a lot about security in the process.

And yes you can get lot’s of help here, just some times slower than others. It’s a big place eh :wink:


thanks for the replys i will not go ahead and install geswall its just from what i have read (who knows if it is true or not) that geswall and comodo go well together and geswall will isolate any incoming malware virus keylogger etc ??? instantly?? and also read that it complments very well and should be used?? but now you said this is not needed please explain your reason or do i have a misunderstanding???

Also what about superanti spyware, and malware bytes, and adware , link scanner etc and so on do you not have them installed on your pc??? are you saying they are not needed??? Please give some guidance and advice as if all these extra softwares are not needed then i will not install them and happlly just new comodo cis with defense plus more benifit on my side less progrmaes less conflicts less hog down on my resources?? but you will need to explain more for me to know why you suggest just use comodo and defense+ by its self???

also i have never head of vmachice??? that you metioned what is this and how do i get this how do you use this? Now with firefox from what i have read in various places that firefox is the most targeted browser thats vulnerable and prone to more attacks so your chances of getting virus and malware are more if you use that browser then if you use intenet explorer??? when i first started using firefox i did download it and after running scan it had several malware and inernet explorer does not seem to have any when i run a scan please can you explain this

Also for some reason comodo flaged a keylogger and the alert disapeared too fast which is a pain so how would you get the alert to stay for longer or look for that alert that have been missed but i want to know if there is a keylogger still on m pc right now?? i have run superanti spyware quick scan it did not find anything i ran malware bytes it did not find anything i have all the logs i rum cis scan it did not find anything now shall i run hijack this and post you a log ??? im not sure if my pc is clean from the key logger that cis alert flagged??

lastly when cis does report these alerts how do you know which file had started the eyloger alert thanks if you need more info please ask i am not here starting any arguments just need to understand whats really right and whats not there are many suggestions

Also what is going on with this svc host file and is it connected? do you need screens shots i can provided. Thanks

Hi kamy,

To answer you fully may take some doing,

Here’s a link to Comodo’s VEngine

Re the GeSWall yes it’ possible to make them coexist, CIS can coexist with many other softwares.
Because it can be done, doesn’t mean it need be done.
You nicely understand yourself that the more you add there is increased resource usage, and much greater chance of conflicting settings and general mis-configuration, which can lead to serious lapses rather than strengthening a set-up.

So people come from different backgrounds, skill levels, and what some “need” others do not.
It’s more of a question of ones level of paranoia combined with their knowledge and skill level that creates their sense of comfort(security) or discomfort with any given set up.

Comodo has earned my trust.
So if I were to set up a friend to day I’d just get CIS VEngine.
Even use IE ,I just prefer FF doesn’t make it better or easier for you.
I would Choose overall Proactive Security setting.
and put Firewall and D+ in Safe mode and AV into Staefull.

From there Just learn how to properly install software, deal with alerts.And you are well on your way.

Gotta Run… I’ll be back


I agree with Bad Frogger, and that is the same setup I have (CIS and VEngine only). I will add I do have SAS and MBAM installed on-demand only, as no AV can detect 100% everything.

Thankyou to all support staff this has been excellent help and now i will begen my setup Thanks


I do agree with what John Buchanan and Bad Frogger has said though. You do usually have to be careful with Security Software’s. They sometimes start fighting with each other like jealous Girl Friends…

Girl Friend #1: He’s my Operating System!
Girl Friend #2: No, he’s mine!
Girl Friend #1: Get your filthy hands off him, he’s mine!!

… Then your Operating System just Dumps them both (usually in a Crash Log File). 88)