Should I run comodo firewall pro +defender and comodo boclean? [resolved]

This is probably a naive question but is it necessary or a good idea to run both on the same computer? I am currently running comodo pro firewall +defender

I hope this is not in a faq. I looked but did not see it addressed.

Thanks, New to comodo

Good day,

Yes, it is no problem running both of the programs on the same machine. Windows defender is comparable with other antimalware products which is scanning in the background, like antivirus software does… The firewall part should not give any problems, the defense + part should also not give any problems, mostly the defense + is far more faster than UAC and windows defender with an alert, so there is in 99% of the cases no interference… The developers of the CFP had this in mind when developing the firewall.

And remember this: It is always safer to use one layer more than one layer less if compatible… (:WIN)…

I hope this cleared out a lot for you, and do not worry… I think your pc is doing just fine…

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