Should I replace my hard drive now, or do I have several months?

I’ve been monitoring my HDD’s SMART for some time and it seems “Reallocated Sectors Count” is slowly creeping up, by 1 or 2 every 4 to 7 days. It’s on 148 now (raw is in DEC), but I don’t know how many spare sectors there are.

I don’t see any errors or hang-ups, and WD software says SMART is ok…

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Double check with Hard Disk Sentinel Professional portable demo. It will give you a second opinion and the estimated remaining lifetime.

Hard Disk Sentinel seems to think HDD is almost dead…or will ve in a month.

HD Tune pro shows that those reallocated sectors were high for a long time.

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I strongly recommend that you replace the drive ASAP while you can still read all the data on it. You are very lucky to be getting advance warning of its impending demise because the majority of failures occur with no warning at all. A healthy drive will almost never show an increasing reallocated sector count.

I’ve seen several hard drives go bad. I have yet to be able to recover data from them. Typically the worst that happens is you are unable to boot from it anymore. If it were me, I’d just make sure I had a backup of my data, but that’s something you should be doing, anyway. Make sure you have a profile backup of your browser with your other data. Of the failures I’ve seen, the computer’s performance gets really bad before the end.

I think I’ll replace the drive as soon as I have the opportunity, though it’s only 1.9 years old… I was thinking about getting (relatively) small SSD drive for system \ programs and a big HDD for everything else.

Do you guys have any recomendations about what drives to get? I’ve been using Western Digital ones (hdd), they seem pretty reliable, and quiet. I don’t know about SSDs, since it’ll be my first one.

I don’t see any slowdowns yet, but it does make a bit more sound then usual when accessing certain folders (that’s why I started monitoring it).

I’ve backed up importriant stuff, so I think the replacement should go smoothly.


Did you try:


Just out of curiosity.

No, those surface tests take forever. Besides, isn’t SMART independed from checkDisk \ filesystem?

I recommend you use the drive diagnostic tool from the manufacturer. The long tests take awhile, but you can let it run while you sleep, go out, work, whatever. As far as an SSD recommendation, Tom’s Hardware has regular articles that have recommendations based on capacity/cost that I use.

To add to Cassette try running chkdsk /r from the command prompt. That will reallocate the bad sectors and will instruct the drive to use spare sectors that are kept for this reason.

However, keep a close eye on your hard drive. When after the above new bad sectors arise it is likely your hd is on its way to its end. Make sure to back up important data from it. Only time will tell what’s going on with your hd.

Thanks for all your info, I already switched to SSD and new 1tb WD HDD + Win 8.1.

Good choice. You will notice a big difference with an ssd

Yeah, it loads super fast now…maybe too fast, I can’t seem to get to F8 menu no matter how fast I mash it. I don’t need to right now, but what if after some faulty driver, program or update, I won’t be able to get to login screen, how am I supposed to get to safe mode to uninstall that driver, or do system recovery?

Try holding down both Shift & F8 and then power on your computer, if that doesn’t work then you can use the same combo but “spam” them during boot up, if that still doesn’t work then you can take a look at this article over at bleepingcomputer