should I remove my AVG antivirus?

When I install my CIS free version?

When I run the install will I be able to select just the firewall and not the antivirus?

You can choose either firewall + AV / Firewall only / AV only, so yes you can choose just to install the firewall. :wink:


Any comparisons available between AVG and Comodo aniti virus


CAV Is growing… And getting there fast!!! :slight_smile:


I understand that the antivirus is not good because it is not for emails i cannot understand that. Can i used avast and antivirus from comodo at the same time.

what is happening when there is a virus wirth my email and i open the mail that is not save ???

CIS does scan Email. :slight_smile: It watches every HD activity on your PC in real-time, and FAST. Using 2 AV’s will cause issues, it’s a rule of thumb


If you have a lot of RAM, say 2 GB, you can go for Comodo Firewall + AVG. Otherwise I would suggest you to install complete CIS with antivirus, which uses pretty low RAM. I don’t think that the antivirus of Comodo is that much weak, as being spread by many. I had taken the risk of using CAVS2.0 along with Comodo Firewall for nearly 10 months, without any problems, except on one occasion, which was caught by defence+.

I would recommend you to install CIS along with an ondemand antispyware like Superantispyware free (I also won’t endorse two realtime scanners) to complement CIS to check any missed spywares. The firewall component of CIS is pretty strong and hence we are not completely vulnerable to direct attacks, of course, no software is 100% perfect. With a great firewall to check internet attacks, I think the main use of antivirus would be when we insert an infected USB or download an embedded virus from internet. My CAVS has already detected such nasties from USB 3-4 times already and I am getting daily updates.

Though it would not be in good taste, let me tell you that the viruses created will not be directly getting inside our computer on the same day it is created and by the time it spreads, the revered developers of antivirus like Comodo do catch it and give an update. Also, if all the people just go for other antiviruses, how will it be feasible and viable for Comodo to maintain it to reach at the top?

Also, if you use free email services like Yahoo, Gmail etc., they have their own latest antivirus scanning system, so nothing much to worry, if misses, will be caught by CAVS. I would hence, recommend to make good use of the three layered protection prevention, detection and cure and if more skeptical, you can also install BoClean.

These are my personal opinions and you can take a cognizant decision in the matter

Excellent post layman!

We are on the same page. :slight_smile:


Rob, see here:

I’ve tested with Thunderbird, put a detected malware in my inbox, run a manual scan CIS does not break the inbox file TB uses, if you try to save the attachment from that email it will alert you.

It is really important to not install two antivirus products (and running) at the same time.
Say interfere and cumber each other so that you have a smaller antivirus safety instead of installing only one antivirus product!

So for your safety it is very important to only have one antivirus running (installed) at the same time! Every other thing is the false way.
But if this is avast!, antivir free, comodos antivirus or something else is your choice! :slight_smile: