Should I or should I not? pls give me your opinion...


As I have explained in my postings it is important for as many people to use our desktop security products as possible.

One good way, imo, is to ask our users to introduce their friends/family. So here is a question that i would like to have your opinion on:

I want to send an email to all our users and ask them, kindly, to introduce their friends/family.

Do you think I should?

thanks for your time and opinion.


Good idea, but rather than sending an email (smells like spam) would it better done as a PM. Although you are only going to trap forum visitors, you’re not going to attract criticism for sending unsolicited emails.

Tough call, but I’d go with ■■■.

Ewen :slight_smile:

the amount of people this will address is less than 1% of total users :frowning:

yes I am worried about the spam angle, even though I am not selling anything :slight_smile:


What about adding your email to the orderr form and the activation code emails that are sent out, as part of the download process?

ewen :slight_smile:

Hello Melih,

I think, that it is not a very good idea - looks like a snowball selling system for a health cream. ???

The first question you have to ask for a sucessful product spreading is, why are users changing there firewall for i.e. Outpost to Comodo? :THNK

The next, where they got the information to find comodo.

AFAICS it is better to provide freeware distributers with a good actual product and make alliances between important security news provider (i.e. by supporting them with firewall informations etc., as to send letters or emails to somebody like me, who is already statisfied with the firewall.
It is also mostly common, that if I like a product I tell it also my friends-so You don’t have to send me an email for doing that. But You have to look that it is a cool, functional product-what it is.
Also there must be a premium feature You get - i.e. skinable function or special skins, if You are a forumuser and went through the whole configration procedure.
GUI and Documentation must be detailed in the most common languages to reach more users.
The most take just out 3 seconds, click on the website for a download-see oh it is only in english (:SAD), I also have my problems to read and write in, and leave the site and product behind.
Please don’t write me now something about ressources, what I want is to describe only the requirements.



Hi Melih,

I don’t think it’s a good idea. I know a lot of people that will consider this as a spam.

Probably the best way for doing this is to add it as a string in the programs or in a logo during the startup (that can be disabled).

No, I don’t think a mail would solve anything…
You would only give your “opponents” something to talk about.
The users that like Comodo, will tell their family and friends anyway.
To get more users you have to:

  1. Have a really good product that suits both noobs, regular and advanced users.
  2. Have so few bugs and conflicts with other products as possible.
  3. Have a nice GUI that is simple to use (and maybe a skinnable one is going to attract a lot of people. Not only users that like to change the look on it, but a community if “skin makers” that will promote their skins and thereby your product)
  4. Make it multilingual. Not only your products, but the FAQ and help too.
  5. Availability. (free download sites)
  6. Tested with positive results. Not only on the net, but in magazines too. The little more interested users read tests, and they will spread it to their family and friends.
  7. User guides (video/flash?(multilingual) in steps that depend on needs.
  8. Make it REALLY CLEAR at install that auto install is the best way to go, for most users, and warn about advanced install. Why? I think (know) that a lot of users think they will be safer if they choose advanced… it sounds better… then they have to come to this forum/support and ask questions about things that would have worked if they had chosen auto install…
  9. Have a wizard for being behind a router at install.
  10. Have a few added wizards in CPF for creating a network rule for P2P and torrent programs.
  11. I don’t remember if “scan for known apps” is at the install stage, or if you have to find it yourself, but it should be at install. Remember that most users just want to install and forget…
  12. Have your products shipped with PC’s that retailers sell.

Well, thats all for now… I have to drink some coffee to figure out some more… ;D

I wouldn’t encourage you to do so, either. If a product is good, people will tell others. It just takes a while and then quite quickly very much users know (small-world-net effect).

What AOwL already pointed out is number 10 (wizards for P2P etc.) in his list. I had no problem with anything, but to know which rules to create for P2P, I had to resort to the forum. Average Joe won’t do that.

What would really help is skipping the activation, so I could take the installer somewhere and just install it without asking the person for his/her eMail address. I guess I shouldn’t (and couldn’t) re-use my own activation key. Activation just has a bad taste (controlling the user etc.).

If these points get clearer, the success of Comodo Firewall will be unstoppable :slight_smile:

Hi Melih,

I don’t think it is a great idea :(, as said above just ask it in CPF, maybe in the CPF news section put a request to spread the word.


I’ll add one more, “no I don’t think it’s a good idea” to the list. Too much spam these days; an unsolicited email (or PM, which comes thru email) of that type, even tho’ for a good cause, will just turn folks off. As has been stated, if we like the product, we’ll recommend it, no doubt. (B)

AOwl has some good recommendations, I think.


Well, I hate to “run with the buffalos” but I agree with the previous posters … not a good idea (would smell like a large dose of spam). I almost repeated what Weaker said, but he said it better than I could.

Regards and thanks for asking our opinion.

DE Retiree

oh great.
I am glad we all are unified in our understanding that its a good idea to do it.


yeah, that was my feeling too, hence why I asked in the forum…

we won’t send emails.

I agree with the sentiment, users who like Comodo will tell their family and friends anyway.

Thank you for your input and opinions guys, it was really helpful.



What about when downloading the app you have a refer/friends/family option? The email used to obtain a licence key is the email used as a send from option, to those people you wish to recommend Comodo FWall to?

In that way, you know the email receiving the key is valid, and that same email address drives the referral process, so those who receive the email can recognize it as being from someone they know. It takes the heat off of the Comodo developers/software company, as you are only a transport mechanism. The person who does the referral is the one who initiates and drives this process.

And as part of requesting the key once Comodo is installed, you can again have a referral option. That way if you download and like Comodo and you want a key and you think it’s the best thing since sliced bread, why you can refer friends and family! Easy, peesy, lemon squeezy.

Hi Melih,

I think most of us wouldn’t consider it spam, but there are the few people (like the ones who thought launch pad was adware) that will think Comodo is starting to spam, it is really difficult for companies to send e-mails to its users and it not be considered spam these days. Plus if you did send the e-mails and they were considered as spam by a lot of people, other firewall vendors (agnitum cough cough) will start saying that Comodo spams its users and that may start some issues, it is just best to not send the e-mail in my opinion, unfortunately that is how it is these days :'(.


Do not do this. No no no!
I think you should use the actual program do reach us. Under “highlights” on the “Summary” page we have something called “news”. Use it!

Yes, you will gain very little from sending an email, because only satisfied users would suggest a product, and ~90% satisfied users already do that.
And for this little gain you will risk a lot in reputation.
Just increase the satisfaction. No risk, big gain.

I don’t think you should send out a mass email. That could be construed in a negative light by some. Not to mention, most users (like myself) will recommend people to you without you needing to ask.

Happy Customers are the best advertising.

sounds great, i am anew member and i am reading this question for the first time, i have already told lots of my friends in india and in france, since i work as a interpreter to french people in india
i have lots of friends over there, and i am sure few people might have installed this excellent firewall and antivirus
so no problems you can send all your member e mails, i think thats your right too

Good news will always spread fast and Comodo products are good news.I’ve already let my friends know about your products and i’m sure others are doing the same. Forget E Mails and let you satisfied customers spread the word. (L)

I found Comodo thru visiting a site called Snap Files, who recomended it,so I tried it & loved it, my personal opinion is if the product is any good people will find it, because sites like snap files will want to put oustanding products especailly free ones like Comodo F/W on thier sites, if you want the product to become popular & used by LARGE numbers of people keep the product better than its compeitors, this is already happening with CPF, dont bloat it with other applications, and keep doing what Comodo management are doing at the moment, talk to the people who drive thier buisness, the end user(whether it be a free product or paid for), and most importantly listen to what is being said, this is already happening at Comodo, this a distinct advanage Comodo has over its competitors, I guess my point is patientance is a virtue, you rush things & youre bound to stuff it up, let this brillant product sell it self,