Should I or should I not - "Licensing"? pls give me your opinion...

If a hacker want to use my MAC-address to activate a FREE copy of CPF, he’s welcome. ;D

I like panic’s suggestions, combined with weaker’s…

panic’s, for the function. weaker’s, because the user should be informed about the connection/submission, and I think the idea of a file showing the information sent is a great reassurance idea.

That shouldn’t be a big deal to users. As long as your products & activation process are better than Windows, which requires not only activation, but continual validation as well. And I personally think they collect not only all information about your system, but are able to scan the user as well, all the way down to type/color of underwear… ;D


It’s ok for me. But what happens if a pc does not have a lan card? It will not have a Mac adress. How will be generated the key?

ps. Melih have you thought about genarating the key from your web site, but instead of asking for an email where it can be send, the user could view it directly from the site. (:WIN)

we want this process to be as easy as possible without the user doing anything for activating… apart from pressing a button maybe…



I like the e-mail response key method as it is very simple. Plus I can keek your e-mail to me as a reminder that the product is registered.

I am in my second day of using Comodo Firewall and find it very friendly and effective. Absolutely no problems at all. Thank you for a nice product!

thank you Farmerdell.

One issue we have with email is sometimes people forget that they have an antispam and we deal with a good number of support calls asking where the registration email is that we sent them.
so we are trying to remove the email from the equation.