Should i nuke MSE and run the full suite?

Im running CIS5 (no av) alongside MSE

Im wondering what advantages running the full integrated suite might have, even though MSE is a stronger av than CAV by itself.

Subject to change, watch this space.

Wow that was a fast reply.

Only you should decide.

I run the full suite CIS 5.0 beta and feel well protected. I even did some stupid things like running an active zero day malicious files on my real working machine (i know it’s really stupid but i got bored) and none of them could infect my computer with. If you compare MSE with CAV i am sure that MSE is much superior in detection, but still I think that as a suite CIS runs better than a seperate firewall and D+ modules with another AV.

But if you personally feel better and sleep much better at night you may install it with MSE

How about if comodo buys the rights to MSE and integrates it with CIS5? (smiley)

Check this out. This is a zero day threat. And as you see it was missed by both CAV and MSE. It proves that it’s very difficult to keep up with malware writers, by doing only signatures. With CIS 5.0 i am sure that even if CAV misses it it would be sandboxed any way

Re: Adonis “check this out”

Authentium? K7?

I guess its hit and miss with whatever you use.
It would be nice to maximize the hits, and minimize the misses though…

Im leaning towards trying the full suite, but…

MSE is a bit slower than cav :slight_smile: that can be clearly seen when you open a folder with 15 different programs. Moreover , try scanning ultra surft and see how much time MSE would take to finish the scan :slight_smile: the reason why MSE would take forever in such a file is the packing method that was used to reduce the size of the program. To sum up , if your computer is already clean ! I don’t think that MSE is a need because the only good thing that I can think about in MSE is its superior capability in cleaning and disinfecting malware.



Re: knk2006 “MSE is a bit slower than cav”

I have never tried CAV, so i cant comment on that.
Im not unhappy with the speed of MSE though, maybe that was an earlier version?

Re: knk2006 “if your computer is already clean”

From what i understand, some of the new generation of malware (bots and rootkits) dont even show symptoms, and as advanced as they are getting how do you really know aside from formatting and starting over. Even your backup images might be hiding something.

I do not see any advantage of running MSE on top of CIS. I would nix MSE, enable the AV component of CIS, and save yourself the PC resources.

If you have a rootkit you should see some symptoms anyway, like redirects or some other ■■■■. Rootkit is not just hiding deep in your system. It’s damaging it, so i suppose it won’t run the same as a clean one

I think I’ve figured out a way around that, I hope. Check out this article on How to Know If Your Computer Is Infected.

IMO I would, mix and match sounds like getting dressed in the morning. Honestly I have a fairly low spec system and tried MSE a long time back and it slowed my system badly. I tried CIS and noticed very minimal system impact if any. IMO Comodos firewall is made to go with Comodos AV and I honestly think they go well together. Not saying MSE will have high system impact on all systems but it did effect mine. Seriously if you trust Comodo for part of your protection why not all. Kind regards.

I still dont like the fact that there is a weak link in one of CIS’s layers of protection.
I found a free 3 month NIS promotion (oem-no activation) today and will try that

This is in no way meant to dis Comodo or its products
I still think it is the best firewall out there and have used it exclusively for a long time now
I wish you all success in your developement of CIS5 and will be watching closely


Is that an unbiased comment?

Like you pointed out, a new approach is necessary.

It seems to work from my personal tests, which were in VirtualBox, but I need other people to try it. Hence the “I hope”.