should i manually install comodo 10?

or is going to be put as an update in the desktop client i got?
i currently use the 8.4 version.

also i could gather from the forum that there are still a few bugs, so should i wait?
(i use windows 8.1)

I can only give you the advice that I followed . . . Windows 10 all updated using CSI Pro 8.4

I uninstalled 8.4 as per advice; cleaned all traces with Registry Cleaners and then installed CIS 10

I’ve had no problems, bugs, hang-ups, slowdowns, BSOD’s or anything else worth noting. A VERY minor issues in Secure Shopping with my particular software was solved with a simple workaround on advice from here

My advice: Follow the instructions on here; ask if there’s a problem and go carefully. I don’t do anything dramatic or different on my systems, other than use tightly buttoned down security. I’ve used CIS for a couple of year now on both Win 7 Pro and 10 Pro without any problem whatsoever

*** Just remember that forums tend to be filled with queries on specialty ; sometimes complicated and unique systems *** Most users are not in that category