Should I leave my settings at default?

Do I need to change some settings to beef up my protection or is my protection good enough at the default settings. It says that my protection strength is excellent but I find it odd that a firewall would not need its user to change its settings to achieve maximum protection.

Thanks in advance.

Hi and welcome,

The default settings are fine, and you do not need to alter anything. A lot of work was put into to making CPF as easy to use as possible without configuration.


I was wondering if tightening application rules is worth it. Is there really any benefit to security, how tight and which applications should we tighten?

I know its worth it with firewalls that dont protect applications from dll modifications etc but CPF does, so?

This is all I tightened in other firewalls:

Every Applications DNS request (your DNS IPs only)
IExplorer (TCP 80,443 out only)
SvcHost (80,443 out only to windows update IPs only)
Email (your ISPs servers only)

Should I do this for MAX security?

I should think CPF’s security is fine as it is, but maximising your security really depends on your own preferences.


With CPFs safe list and security becoming more and more advanced. Who knows what CPF will give us in the future.

No need for rules, maybe not even a GUI, just a windows service.

Only Comodo could acheive this, hey Melih. (:WIN)

Very true. (:KWL)


I will also state that I use typical settings and allow to auto config. I was hesitant as well but when I found that I passed all firewall\leak tests , this was good enough for me. The only thing I change is to allow my home network IP, all is fine. Zone Alarm, I found my self having to modify constantly. I truly have a deep appreciation for Comodo.