Should I keep Spybot?

I did a quick forum search but I’m sorry if this has been asked before.
I installed CIS the other day and it seems like a great application. But I want to know if its worth keeping spybot around if CIS does a similar job. I don’t see the point of having 3 programs doing the same job (running windows defender as well but thats built-in :-).
Thanks in advance!


I would replace Spybot S&D, with Superantispyware and disable Windows Defender.
And Scan Superantispyware every thirty days or so,
Keep CIS (AV Component Enabled Real-Time Hince Superantispyware does not have realtime)


Another excellent on demand scanner:

I would still keep Spybot, for it’s immunizations. It won’t hurt you to have them. Plus, you keep a decent anti-spyware tool. That’s what I use it for.

I would also keep Windows Defender enabled. I don’t know about your system, but in mine runs well along side my other security tools.

The approach is a layered security, in which CIS (with/without the antivirus) has it’s job, with Defense+.

Even if one keeps the incorporated AV along side with D+, that won’t mean that D+ will intercept all and that the AV will detect what D+ can’t prevent. I’m sure you guys follow my raciocine.

Bottom line: If you have an average system (hardware speaking), then Spybot’s immunizations won’t hurt you, as it won’t take much resources, at all, and Windows Defender will be running in the background, just in case, which it won’t be taking much resources either. I never had any issues.

I know this info was not requested, but, if you’re a IE user, then you also should give SpywareBlaster a try. It won’t take no resources, at all. It is like Spybot’s immunizations. One complements the other.

These are just my 2 cents, and valid as any other opinion.

Best regards

Thanks for all your advice. I’ve decided to just leave spybot as it is, as I like the sound of “Layered Protection”. I do have another question however. Since installing CIS some apps take an extra 5-10 seconds to start (e.g I click on firefox in quickbar and nothing happens for 10 seconds). Also some of my system tray icons have vanished. Is there a setting I need to change? ???