Should I install Comodo Internet Security on windows 8.1 PC?

I have clean install windows 8.1 today on my PC. I have to install internet security, on my PC. I am confused with 2 security applications what would you guys to recommend me to do Should I install comodo or Bit defender internet security software on windows 8.1.

Hi and welcome yahuda33,
Comodo free has the same functions and security as Comodo paid versions.

Bit Defender free appears to be not as full fledged when using a free version (Screenshot).

You may get biased results considering the posting location. :wink:
Personal choice.

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Hmm then i should go with comodo internet security

Comodo Internet Security is a great product, but not so easy for beginners.

You can install is, but I suggest you to follow this guide for a good configuration Gizmo's Best - The best of Gizmo's Freeware

The only changes I’d make to this guide are:

  1. Turn HIPS ON in safe mode (which is the default setting on “Proactive Security” configuration)
  2. Disable Website filtering (you can use ublock origin or another browser extension, if your main browser is Chrome or Firefox)

The antivirus part of Comodo is not the best feature they have, but it’s not so bad too

Hi Jon79,
Thanks for your input and advice. :-TU

Yes and no.
For the average user using default settings which are more than adequate for system protection, it is not a problem.
Specific tweaking recommended for advanced users, can be sometimes difficult to understand for beginners.

The antivirus part of Comodo is not the best feature they have, but it's not so bad too
Just to clarify for beginners the AV module has improved in recent times, but it is also not the first line of defense for protecting a system. Reliance on traditional Antivirus programs/modules alone for protecting a system is going to leave a system vulnerable.


Totally agree about everything :-TU
My opinion is that using a third party AV combined with Comodo Firewall and Defense+ (with some tweaks on settings) can lead to a higher protection level.
But for beginners the full Comodo Internet Security with settings according to Chiron’s guide will be just fine

At first I though this sentence was related to my statement “Comodo Internet Security is a great product:stuck_out_tongue:
But it actually refers to “not so easy for beginners” ;D

Sorry if my comment was misleading.

But it actually refers to "[i]not so easy for beginners[/i]" ;D
Correct. :)

Thanks i will do accordingly