Should I Aloow Or Block?



edit:this is when i am updating windows.

iam no expert with this firewall. and i have seen the same message popup on my system

I Think that could be part of the windows update service.

Could we get a more technical view on this matter please.

BTW Great firewall guys.

Hey, I’d recommend you to check the box to remember and click allow, else you will be unable to use Windows Update.


svchost.exe with services.exe as the Parent, using UDP on Destination Port 68 is a very common scenario for DHCP Lease procurement or renewal. The odd thing about it is OLE alert regarding Internet Explorer.

There are two probable aspects of this that I see:

  1. It came about because of a matter of timing - applications opening/closing in just the right sequence, in conjunction with Updates, etc.

  2. You are not using Comodo’s encrypted safelist - Security/Advanced/Miscellaneous/Do not show alerts for applications certified by Comodo - with this enabled (checked) you shouldn’t see an OLE alert for this scenario.


Hi, (:WAV)Excuse me butting in but Iv just installed the Comodo Firewall(Brill!)and want to ask if I should allow the following:I have also InfoProcess Anti-hook installed and Norton AV.I get a message from the firewall that says something like"Antihook has changed LuComServer3.0.exe in memory and may be using it to access the Internet…this is typical of virus,trojan and spyware behaviour"
Would Antihook do this as a matter of course or has the firewall spotted something dodgy? (:AGL)
Hope you can help!Love from Cornwall England (:KWL)

It would not surprise me to see something like this from an application of that nature. Security applications that work at that sort of level are often “messing around” with other applications (heck, even those not that deep in the system mess around with other apps…). If, for instance, you run an application like IceSword or GMER to check for rootkits, you will find the entries for Comodo Firewall in red (and probably some other security applications as well). This is simply because of how they embed in the system to provide security.

The general rule of thumb (from the development team) on these sorts of alerts is that if you know both applications, it is safe to Allow w/Remember, so that you won’t see that specific alert any more. The time to be concerned is if you do not know one (or both) of the applications mentioned in the alert. This presumes, of course, that you trust applications which you have installed… :wink:

So the question is, since you obviously know antihook - are you familiar with LuComServer3.0.exe?

Hope this helps,


Well I believe its Nortons Update thingy (:SHY)cos Im only just a beginner.I see how Comodo arrived at its conclusion now.Everything is easy when you know the answer-which is why I joined here.You guys are so cool!! (:LOV)

You guessed right! “lucomserver.exe” is Nortons Live Update Communications Server software.

Ewen :slight_smile: