Should I allow or block these IP adresses?

Recently I’ve been getting horrible lag on many game servers,For example Counter Strike:Source,Including using applications like Ventrilo, Where my ping would skyrocket, I looked through my comodo firewall events and found that certain IP adresses seem to be “Spamming” My ports, Which Comodo blocks. I’ve allowed certain IP adresses to go through Comodo, And found that my lag and ping would go down drastically. I also did a search on some of the IP adresses, And found that a number of them we’re from my ISP Comcast. Now my question is, Is it safe to allow my ISP’s UDP connections through or no? And can someone explain why Comodo Firewall automatically blocks those types of connections? I would think that a connection from your ISP would be safe. There also might be a possibility that some of the connections are DNS connections. But not all of them match the adresses that we’re assigned to my network. Any help is appreciated thanks (:NRD)

Can you give us Screen Shots of the Alerts?


Here you go guys! Full screen JPEG can be viewed here

As you can see, When I added the IP adress to the “Allow” list, My connection got noticebly better, With better pings and what not. But! My question is, Is it safe to leave these adresses added? Is there a reason why my ISP would be doing this?

Both svchost and Windows should be outgoing only. Are you behind a router/modem with a hardware firewall? BTW I think you posted your real IP Address in that screen shot.

No I’m not on a hardware firewall, And that’s not my real IP, That’s my ISP’s IP adress. :P, So just make svchost and windows outgoing?