Should firefox.exe have Installer/Updater status?

Soon after installing Comodo firewall and defense+, firefox decided that a program update would be a fun thing to do. Of course D+ started warning me about various things that firefox.exe was wanting to do so I said “Allow and Remember” a couple times and then I set firefox to Installer or Updater status. Calmed things right down. I was running in CleanPC mode at the time. These days I run in Safe Mode.

It occurs to me that that is too much power to give to firefox. Right?

Should I change it to “Browser”? And then temporarily go into installer mode on the next program update?


Well, are you referring to Defense+ or the Firewall rules? Setting it to “Browser” in the Network Policy is the best option. I don’t get any firewall alerts when updating. As with D+, you can set it to “Trusted Application” and treat as “installer or updater” (w/o remembering) when updating.

I sure was mixing my firewall and D+ terms. I meant D+ rules. I’ll change it to trusted application.