Should Comodo's firewall treat Firefoxe's plugin container as a web browser?

Thanks for chiming in :-*

I have allowed Firefox, the browser, to run using your “web browser” designation. Should I do the same for Firefoxe’s plugin-container? Should I just “allow” it instead?

It’s not really an appropriate rule for the plugin-container, as this process requires access to ports not covered by the rule, typically TCP out to ports 843 and 1935, although you’ll quite often find sites requesting non-standard ports as well. It also doesn’t require ftp access, which the default browser rule allows.

I personally allow access out to:

UDP - 53 for DNS (you won’t need this is you have the windows dns client service enabled, which it is by default)
TCP - 443, 843 and 1935

That does for most situations. Depending on your firewall configuration, you will get prompts for anything else.

yep it was 1935. thank you very much :slight_smile:

I’ll keep an eye out for 443 and 843