should comodo be tested by virus bulletin & Av-comparatives ?

to check the latest results of the test conducted here is the link

if comodo wants to test it self here is the link

link for Av-comparatives

Yes, but not yet, since still has no heuristics. Let the new version with heuristics come out. :slight_smile:

Absolutely it must be tested someday… O0

Would be wierd not to! :slight_smile:

comodo must be tested (L)why not lol many reputed competitors give test so comodo can too… bring em on >:-D

i think that comodo is afraid
there is a lot of rumors that comodo can’t accomplish the minimal detection rate ???

If they are going to test it in the context of an Internet Security suite, as opposed to just the AV module, then yes they should.

there are lots of rumors that people were abducted by aliens, but that doesn’t make it true.