Should CIS have something like Ctrl+Alt+Delete

I think its something Usefull incase you cant get to your desktop but can login.
and if You like to use the keyboard a lot. lol

Ummm …

If you can login but can’t get to your desktop, wouldn’t that mean you can’t get to the GUI for CIS??

Wouldn’t that render the proposed CTRL-ALT-DEL buttons in CIS obselete??

Ewen :slight_smile:

I initially thought the same thing, but it made me question how CTRL+ALT+DEL is actually working. It does (almost always) display even when explorer.exe freezes.

I would think it’s because it’s a very, very light interface and has a maxed out priority over other applications. If not, and it’s something specially implemented into Windows, I would certainly hope Comodo (or anyone else) would not have the ability to duplicate it.

Either way, I’m not sure why you would need/want Comodo up. Task manager should be able to handle the situation. Comodo might be better off with command line features.

It’s because Ctrl+Alt+Delete is hard-wired into Windows OS’s.

Anyway, I also don’t see the point in this. ???