should cfpconfig.exe be ougoing only?

like this?

[attachment deleted by admin]

I don’t even have that entry but outgoing is fine. You can also just remove it. Did you do an over the top update or did you use the internal updater?

i reinstalled for and used the updater for 24.368
i noticed cfpconfig after the reinstall

Ok I haven’t uninstalled Comodo in along time. Just internal updates. Same install for the past 4 months or so. You can safely remove that entry.

thanks :slight_smile:

Hey I messed up. I do have that entry on the bottom. I made it outgoing only. Its just I don’t open up Comodo much anymore cause I never have any problems. Sorry.

what about in D+? Should i add cfpconfig.exe to the “Comodo Firewall Pro” in My File Groups (which is custom policy)?

I don’t have this rule- you will need not too add that extra rule, You still maintain very good protection.