Should and would COMODO do the same as Northon and McAfee if asked?

This is a old story but, northon and McAfee anti-virus (and others) did agree to not provide detection for a goverment keylogger supposed to be used against criminals.
Would comodo do the same if asked? Or is it out of the question? Its not really any law saying “you can’t detect this”, but they did it to be nice, not to their customers but to the cops/goverment/whatever.

Comment? Was this/is this the right thing to do? ???
Would and should comodo allow a goverment trojan/keylogger/whatever if this can help catch a criminal? :slight_smile:

AV wise…IDK. but, D+ wouldn’t know the difference so… :wink:

I at least think this is a good example that you should not relay on one AV.
But really I don’t think melih would say yes to a stupid idea such as this if asked, or would you MELIH? :slight_smile:

;D ;D I doubt he want to risk users security, since he believes so much in creating a secure environment!
For comodo to do something similar they would not only have to have the AV not detecting it, they would need to provide a hole in the firewall (that passes all leaktest with glance) so that it don’t log any connection and as you say the D+ module needs modifications too, and in the future even BO-clean need to ignore the behavior. :slight_smile:

I don’t believe in any monitoring by any outside source be it Gov. or other (big brother so-to-speak). Personally, if I was aware there was a keylogger monitoring my every action, I would desire it removed as soon as possible (this includes work environments). Seems to me this has been an issue for some time, but I do not know what if any the outcome has become.

Until Comodo adds it to the whitelist.

I think it’s a bad idea in general for any antivirus software to refuse to detect real-world viruses like this for any reason. That would seem to go against the idea of a virus scanner, and I wouldn’t trust any that do this.

Also, would it be possible one day for someone to reverse engineer that virus and use it for their own evil purposes without ever being detected by Symantec/McAfee/etc? Or if they can’t reverse engineer the code, could they examine the signature used to detect it and make their own virus “match” it?

Anything from Big Brother should be added ONLY to a personal safe list, not through a developer’s white list.
Users should have the final say as to what is to be kept on their computers.

I agree totally, I think most does, they don’t want to be monitored by ANYONE.

That risk could be very real, or the risk that someone makes a similar virus to the signature that would potentioally get missed. I think its stupid of Symantec and McAfee to do something like that, and makes me not trust them, never ever. If you pay them they better protect me.
As good as they can, thats what you pay them for, to do their best.

Comodo won’t allow whatever goverment malware, because I asked a similar question in the past ( but I can’t find it back right now) and Melih was very clear about it in his answer :slight_smile:

Greetz, Red.

The software goes as far back as 2001, and so it would just be easier for a government agency to snoop the connection. For example, the FBI can easily find out the owner of a IP address at a particular time, given that it is a US ISP. The keylogger has to be for people uneducated in computer security. There are countless websites on the web devoted to cloaking from government snooping, keylogger or otherwise.

You would still get a pop-up, only it would say “Safe” in the D+ alert.


Is that what the white list will do? Tell you its “safe”? Thats Gr8 S3x! N3wS (:LOV)
And the blacklist will tell you its bad? or simply block? =)

It depends what mode you run in. For example, safe mode will automatically allow anything certified on the Whitelist, where as Paranoid mode will alert you of everything but will give advice that it is “Safe”.

The blacklist, like any other, is COMODO’s Anti-Virus (anti-malware I should say) which automatically quarantines anything found because it’s known as always bad.

Hopefully as time goes on, more and more applications will be sorted onto the naughty black list or the nice whitelist! (oh…Christmas is over, i forgot.) :slight_smile: