Shortcut virus.

I hope Comodo can catch scareware and shortcut virus.

This attachment contain sample of shortcut virus.

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What do you mean by shortcut virus? What does it do?

Do you mean an exploit like stuxnet? ???

probably a .exe code in a picture file :frowning:

Hi Guys,

I cannot be sure about the message by the original poster

Definitely the mods were right when deleted the links/attachments :-TU

But probably that was about .LNK/ Shortcuts recent strain
Below are readings that may “entertain” your, despite I have a suspicious you are aware of this already

Trojan spreads via new Windows hole
Some analysis about Rootkit.TmpHider : part 1 ; part 2 ; part 3

well , in the past it was another hole with shortcuts & alike, which was fixed by MS.
That one was about hovering over the shortcut, where you are getting a Tooltip
Since displaying the latter is noting else than executing some code (what a surprise? :D) - that was exploited & you could’ve been infected just by doing that “innocent operation”