Shortcut to open Comodo Firewall window?

Is there a shortcut option to open the Comodo Firewall window?

Hi emil9216,
To open the Firewall settings.
With the GUI advanced view selected you can right click the notification area icon, hover over Firewall and select settings.

You can open the GUI (Advanced view) and click on Firewall (Screenshot).

Kind regards.

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Plus once you change to Advanced view you can access all settings via the icon in the task bar :slight_smile:

Right click on icon and settings are at the bottom in each menu whilst you have the CIS gui in Advanced view

Thanks, but what i am asking is about keyboard shortcut to open the main (home) Comodo window.

Right click the desktop shortcut, select properties and under shortcut you can enter the key of your choice (Apply).

This will then open the GUI by using Ctrl+Alt+Your key choice.

In my screenshot example I have used the letter ā€˜Cā€™.

Hope that helps.

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Thanks, that worked.

You are welcome. :slight_smile: