Shortcut keys

Would like to see an implementation similar to Opera’s shortcut keys. Being able to press 1 and 2 to switch back and forth between tabs is invaluable once you get used to it.

I wish there were an extension providing this functionality but so far I’ve not found any, so I’m hoping Comdo Dragon will have this built-in.

Hi AE_Sec,
Ctrl+1 through Ctrl+8 will switch tabs.

A large number of chromes shortcuts function in Dragon.
Chromes shortcuts for Windows

I already know that, but that doesn’t help me, not by a long shot. What if you have 12 tabs and want to switch from the 11th tab to the 12th? What if you’re on the 6th tab but you don’t know that you’re on the 6th tab at a glance, and you simply want to switch to the 7th?

With Opera’s 1 and 2 shortcut keys you can immediately switch back and forwards without needing to know a specific number.

Moreover you can hold in 1 or 2 to rapidly scroll through tabs, which I find invaluable.

I would find it impossible to switch to a browser (and make it my primary) unless it can do all the things mentioned in the few threads I posted here, including these shortcut keys.

Sorry it is not what you was asking the best for now would be Ctrl+PgUp/PgDown.
Please continue the wishes.

That’s a temporary solution I suppose, but it would still be nice to have the single key shortcuts, as it’s much easier to press one key instead of two for this sort of thing.