Short Tutorial before install ? ?

Greetings from LeonSprings, Texas,

As a NEWBIE, Non-Geek-a-zoid, working with training wheels still attached, question: How difficult would it be to have, for us of the still learning group, a short tutorial that is set as default selection in the installer? Explain some of the important features for protection, Icons and their purpose in the popup when some, inbound or outbound, appears. Your clients, paying customers, are of the group IT, Admins, Support for their companies, etceteras could just bypass this feature. We of the unknowing have a very steep learning curve that if we make some errors/mistakes, allowing or denying some software, from the very brief info that is provided in the popup will make it impossible to continue our operations. Until we manage to enter the correct or amended choice where we can continue. I cannot remember the exact wording, but; ‘Comodo PopUp window, this operation could be a malicious software needing access to the web.’ All indications are “UnKnown” if ‘Deny’ is selected, to protect ourselves, then if we are attempting to post a message to your forum all is lost because of that choice. My browser had no access to the web and I had to shutdown loosing my message I had created.

I know that is all my fault, I am sure this is not the first time this or a similar problem has occurred. For some, like myself, not fully understanding the operations of your FW make a WRONG decision would leave a bad taste in their mouth and probably cause them to remove Comodo and go for another FW. From what I have seen so far this is the BEST. I have used ZA, Kerio, and several others. This has been very easy to install and setup, but the information as to what should be allowed or denied is rather brief and not very clear, from my point of view.

I am not a programmer or any other cute little NickName for most knowledgeable computer users. Just what I call a ‘LooseKnutOnKeyBoard’ with my training wheels still attached.

Thank you for reading my ranting posty toastie,

Can I add a “Hear, Hear”? I had a disastrous time trying to use CPF not long ago and there’s no doubt that some guidance is needed. It could even be on how best to inactivate applications etc so that, when the Firewall is started up, there is not an absolute mass of notifications to be dealt with.

I am sure we are not idiots but most notifications do not mean much.